Rates for translations are calculated per line (55 characters including spaces) and depend on technical jargon and on the purpose of the translation (e. g. a translation for information purposes costs less than a translation meant to be published). Minimum rate is EUR 0.90. For a quote, ideally I need the whole text or otherwise a significant excerpt. Quotes are free of cost.

Certified Translations:

For certified translations I have to see the original certificates or documents or a certified copy of them; please get into contact with me first. We will then agree on a lump-sum price which includes two copies of the translation with stamp of certification.

Proofreading and Copy-editing:

Depending on the complexity, purpose and time and effort, we will agree on a rate per page (1800 characters including spaces). Rates for proofreading start at EUR 3.50 per page.

You are interested in my services? Get in touch! Please attach your document and I will send you a quote.